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How to light up your home this winter

I haven’t really talked much about lighting here previously, however today I feel compelled to do so. Maybe it’s because of more dark hours in the day and the need to turn lights on more frequently. Gosh at my latest count, I totted up 11 light fittings in my living room, so true to my word I do exercise my mantra that lighting is not only an integral part of your home’s design and decor but that you can never have enough. Oh, and I just have to share with you a most fabulous lighting maker / supplier today, not only are their products gorgeous but they are lovely people too 🙂 More of them in a mo…

Lighting – the whys, whats & wherefores

Nothing makes or breaks a scheme the way lighting can. It is absolutely vital for creating the right mood of course, for offering practical solutions so you can get on with your day-to-day life.

The most important rule of lighting?

Use different types of lighting to create your overall look

It’s all about using a combination of different lighting that vary in intensity to accommodate all the activities that occur day & night

The big mistake?

Expecting one type of lighting to do it all

Each lighting type meets a particular need. By layering these you can create atmosphere & mood in your space and highlight key aspects of your room’s design

There are three main layers of lighting to think about:

1. AMBIENT (mood)

the base layer of lighting that provides the overall illumination to your space it should add a comfortable level of brightness without creating glare

2. ACCENT (directional)

highlights key features in your room design, such as artwork or architectural elements acts like a spotlight to help bring forward key features in your space shouldn’t cast a harsh light, instead works without drawing too much attention


adds brightness to areas of a room where daily activities are performed should be bright enough to prevent eye strain but not so powerful that it creates shadows or glare

What to consider when choosing lighting

  1. What do I use this space for? i.e. cooking, reading, sleeping or socialising

  2. What is on display in each room? Are there any features i.e. a painting or fireplace?

  3. How much natural light does this room get & where is it coming from? South-facing room – sunlight comes in directly through the windows North-facing – tends to only receive indirect light

  4. What time of day do you use this space most? Morning, all day etc?


  1. Kitchens & workspaces tend to need more task lighting

  2. A combination of ambient & accent lighting in a living room will help make your space feel cosy & relaxed

Lesson over! I hope you found that interesting & inspiring…?

Before I go, let me tell you about Pooky.

Pooky is all about beautiful, decorative lighting. Lights that look thought they cost a fortune but don’t (yay!). They have a lovely range of lights and if you sign up to their newsletter you’ll get 20% of your first order, woohoo!

Happy light filled dark cosy evenings at home this weekend to you all. Did someone say weekend?! Yippee 🙂 x


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