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How to: decorate your home for autumn

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

I won't be the first and definitely not the last to say how much I love the change of season from summer to autumn. The chill in the early morning air, that gorgeous light from the sun sitting lower in the autumn sky and the chance to play around with your styling at home.

interior styling for autumn

Dried hydrangeas in a simple vase (photo by Uliana Kopanytsia on Unsplash)

Take the 'usual and expected' decor (you know, the orange pumpkins and faux fur cushion kind of decor) up a level and introduce softer hues like off-white, pale greenish grey and tawny brown.

Cosy up your spaces by adding soft, warm, natural textures;

1. sheepskin rugs on the backs of hard chairs

2. cuddly cushions on your sofa

3. snuggly blankets over the arms of chairs or in baskets

I love this cushion cover with a textured front in wool & recycled cotton with a smooth, cotton canvas back from H&M, only £19.99 available in white or brown.

4. slices of wood on which to place candles, vases or use as coasters

5. most definitely place candles everywhere, there is nothing more luxurious than bathing a room candlelight, scented ones elevate the senses too, I'm talking Feu de Bois, Balsam & Cedar, Cinnamon...

This light brown Cedarwood scented candle in a ceramic holder is perfect for a cosy autumnal vibe. H&M £8.99

6. pick moss and drape it around features on your table-scape

Or go faux and drape trailing moss around your decor or from mantelpieces / shelves, like this artificial Spanish trailing moss from Audenza.

So when the dial drops and it's really chilly out there, we will be sooo ready to get all snuggly and enjoy the warmth, cosiness and homeliness of our own abodes. If you have a fireplace, well lucky you, I don't, but I sure do have a whole heap of candles, blankets, cashmere socks and most importantly chocolate to melt and drink with plenty mallows and cream. Bring on autumn!

Next post I'll be sharing a video of my current kitchen / dining room...


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