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Affordable online interior design - transform your home, from the comfort of your home

It all started during lockdown 1.0. We were all a bit dumbfounded, stuck in our homes, staring at the same walls - working, home-schooling, exercising, eating, virtually socialising - all within the confines of where we lived. Many of us began seeing our homes in a new light and desperately wanted to make changes, but we didn't know where to begin. I for one felt frustrated because overnight my projects stopped and could no longer work with my clients, helping them transform their homes.

So I wracked my brains to work out what I could do in the meantime, I mean there's only so many scones a girl can bake (& eat!) and walks a girl can go on right?! I spent a looooong time teaching myself SketchUp (yup, BIG brownie points for that, I had tried three times previously and failed epicly so I was pretty chuffed with that) but I wanted to find a workable way forward for my business so I could still be creative and help potential clients. I had been thinking previously about whether I should offer my interior design services virtually but hadn't taken the time to consider it much depth. Well, thanks to lockdown, I had

p l e n t y time to think about it and yup, you guessed it, I made the leap and launched;

KTK e-interior design services

If you are looking to restyle one room, a few rooms or your whole house on a budget, are short on time but want to work with an interior stylist, KTK Styling e-design can help. Working in the same way as we do with our full service clients, our personalised online offering simplifies and speeds up the design process, choosing and presenting everything from new furniture to rugs, wall colours to light fittings to you online so you can feel confident to get shopping and styling yourself.

KTK Styling is all about making great interior design affordable and accessible to the wider market, no matter what your budget.

Example 2D visualisation

E-design Process

The process couldn't be easier; you fill in a questionnaire, we have a chat, you send some photos and a floorplan then we get busy designing while you put your feet up (or more likely, are very busy doing what you do!). After a of couple weeks we present designs back to you, you go shopping and get decorating. Et voila, one transformed space, one happy client, one happy designer yay!

The process in a little more detail...

1. Have a chat

You’ve decided to take the plunge, hooray! When you get in touch with us, we will send you a quick questionnaire to complete to give us an initial idea of the kind of service you are looking for.

2. Send photos & measurements

Take some photos and a short video of the space(s) you would like restyled. Measure the room(s), use an existing floorpan or if you don’t have one we will send you a ‘how-to-measure’ guide . This will help us make sure any items we recommend will fit the space.

Example of a 2D bathroom scheme

3. Create your brief

Now it’s time to chat through the detail for the look you want to create. This can be done over the phone, zoom or email, whichever you prefer. We’ll ask lots of questions to ensure that we understand what you are hoping to achieve and will ask for any images, ideas and Pinterest boards you have.

Example furniture layout for a master bedroom

4. Presentation of e-designs

We will send your personalised 2D digital visualisation (or 3D, depending on your choice of plan) showing our suggested selection of fabrics, paint colours, wallpaper, flooring, furniture, lighting and accessories, interactive shopping list, 2D / 3D floor plan with furniture layout, plus styling advice. All of this will be in digital format.

Example 3D visualisation of open-plan kitchen / dining / study / living

5. Go shopping & get styling

Now, it the fun part is over to you! You will have all the information you need so you can get shopping directly from your online presentation via direct links to retailer websites. We appreciate that the process of styling a space can take some time so we are happy to support you via email for up to two weeks after receiving your design presentation.

Prices start from £299 per room, which includes;

  • 2D digital visualisation mood-board

  • 2D (or 3D*) floor-plan with furniture layout

  • Curated product selections - you choose your key items & we provide 1-2 options for each

  • Personalised shopping list with links to retailers

  • Styling advice & tips

  • 5 weeks design support - 3 weeks design time, 2 weeks online support time

*3D at extra cost

So if lockdown 3.0 is making you feel like your home needs a bit of a makeover but you feel like you need a helping hand then we would love to help. Get in touch and let's see what we can do, we would love to hear from you.



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