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How an interior stylist works with clients

Since starting this business over 11 years ago, I have adapted and changed the way in which I work with my interior design clients. Each client is an individual with individual requirements; some are more confident than others, whilst some are afraid to commit to how they design their personal spaces at home. Each time I work with a new client, I get that excited butterfly feeling in my tummy.

Cushion installation day today at a client's home

- "Will we get along?" - it is vital to connect with a client so that we can understand each other and work harmoniously together.

- "What will their preconceptions of an interior stylist be?" - how much and what will they expect from me.

As soon as I walk into that first meeting, I know. It's a bit like making friends or falling for 'the one'. You simply click. Without them having to say much, I can envisage appropriate designs for them. I can literally envisage them in the spaces I help them create. It is an awesome feeling and one I have been lucky to experience with about 95% of first-time clients.

My time, how much time is decided between myself and my client before I embark on design work, is then spent sourcing, specifying, designing, creating, measuring, calculating, ruminating, deciding... presenting...and finally styling.

A client's gorgeous entrance hallway in progress

Can you guess what my favourite part of my job is? (aside from the accounts and paperwork of course!)

You got it, S T Y L I N G.

When I am styling I am in my element. Having a load of carefully curated and selected props - furniture, lights, cushions, decorative objects, accessories, cushions, throws, candles, vases, books, rugs - that I then dress the space with, I am a kid in a sweetie shop!

Client kitchen makeover - new furniture, foxed glass splash-back, lighting, roman blinds

If you find this the hard part, I hear you. So many of my clients have a vision and have spent hours pinning images of what they like to Pinterest boards yet they struggle to bring that vision to life. This is where I can help. Your stress is my passion. I couldn't enjoy my work more.

Client dining room makeover - new furniture, lighting, accessories & roman blind

Thank you to all of my past and current clients who have entrusted me to style their homes, it brings me so much joy.

For more information about the styling services I offer, please click here.


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