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Easy to make decorative Easter displays

This time last year my home was awash with bright spring colours, the living room filled with pretty paper decorations and all sorts of Easter decorations. This year however, my decorations are buried deep in a cellar, stowed away with the majority of my belongings, until we once again own our home, which will hopefully be larger than the current little 2 bed cottage we are so lucky to live in (lucky to have such a great view, not so lucky when it comes to parking / storage space / insulation!) To celebrate the beauty and joy of spring and to stick two fingers up to the rubbishy freezing temperatures that we are continuing to endure at the moment, here are some of my favourite ideas and photos of inspiring Easter decorations.

Source: sweetpaul.typepad.com viaHome on Pinterest

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And I couldn’t resists this ickle one…

Source: Home on Pinterest

for more inspiring images why not take a peek at my Easter Pinterest board.

Happy Easter, may the next few weeks be filled with gorgeous little egg-inspired decorative displays and delicious chocolatey treats *smile*


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