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Looks like wood to me

So after a few days of having fun with friends and generally relaxing over the long weekend, the time is nigh to crack back on with work. As generally happens, whilst I’m looking for items for clients, I get inspired to post a blog… and today I find myself thinking all things wood-effect.

The initial image that inspired me to create my latest kitchen design for a coastal-feel cottage, was this.

This kitchen belongs to a lady called Mariell, who is an online friend at stylizimo. She created this stunning, simple, modern kitchen and mounted stained weatherboards across the wall behind the counter. I was so excited when I saw this as it’s a look that I think would work brilliantly in the kitchen I’m currently working on. However, as my client isn’t keen on hanging wooden boards on the wall, I have been looking for alternatives, which I share with you below.

This is the fabulous Timber wallpaper from the Andrew Martin Engineer range. Available in limed and white and feeling delightfully textured, it can’t get much more life-like than this. £69.90 per roll from Rockett St George

In the Foundation collection, Cole & Son have some ten designs of wallpaper influenced by architectural building materials and textured surfaces. The one above recreates the texture of wood grain and is available in scene different colour ways. I love this dark grey blue colour and imagine it on all four walls of a cosy living room, with open fireplace, battered old brown leather sofas and plenty of reading material to while away the hours.

A few weeks ago I shared a photo of some unique statement flooring which I saw in a fab shop in Truro called Uneeka and today I found this striking wallpaper by scrapwoodwallpaper, which is based on Holland. Unfortunately it is only available to buy in USA, however if you love the look get in touch with the store Uneeka here as the planks of salvaged Indian boat scrap wood is available to purchase by sqm.

Another more cost effective option, would be to go for the wallpaper below.

Made by eco wallpaper the eco wood wallpaper collection features a wooden plank design with a textured finish that conveys the feel of real wood. Available in four colour ways it is only £36 a roll, which is by far the cheapest wood effect wallpaper that I have found, that still looks and feels like a good quality product. Click here to buy from Tangletree Interiors.

Oh so many choices! Right, time to get back to some client work…until I get distracted again *smile*.


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