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Job satisfaction & creating stylish spaces

Oops, I seem to be consistently breaking one of the golden rules of blogging of late and not posting regular posts for you to read (knuckles well and truly rapped!). Please accept my apologies oh kind hearted, lovely readers that you are but I really do have valid reasons…so to earn back your lurve I thought I’d share with you some images of some of the beautiful products I have been working with to create stylish spaces for two fab clients of late. The projects are still in development but once they are complete I will share with you the style boards and before & after shots.

Cornish cottage I’ve been commissioned to design the interior of a cornish coastal cottage near St Mawes, which is yet to be built and is a delight to work on. I’ve been given an open brief to design the house ready for sale. As such the owners, whilst being keen to create the right look, have taken a back seat so they don’t get emotionally involved in the work, thus letting me ensure that the interior style we create will appeal to its target market. Here a few images of fittings that we will be installing or have used as inspiration for our product selection.

Luxury beds

One of the UK’s leading bed manufacturers has asked me to style the photo shoot of their new range of luxury high-end beds. Taking place on 1st & 2nd August I will be styling six bed ‘sets’ to launch the range, positioning them as modern, stylish and aspirational. This project is such fun to have been given! I love creating a look and finding the right products to get that look. Some of the headboard fabrics are stunning, my favourite is a deep petrol blue velvet, which I can’t wait to dress with the most gorgeous range of fine linens I recently came across, made by Bianca Lorenne (much more to follow on this company and their exquisite bedding after the shoot). So here again are some of the products that will be featured in the shoot. I am delighted to say that the majority of suppliers that I have sourced products from are local to the south west, as I am all for supporting local business, all of which I will post about and give you links to once the shoot has taken place.

I hope you like what you see so far, do you forgive me?! I have been working hard! Oh plus I’m in the middle of moving house…

Today is one of those days that I have immense job satisfaction. Are you having a good day? I hope so



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