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Some simple tips about colours for your interiors

I am quite easily confused. It’s shame but I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m also super organised. And in an organised manner, I efficiently put things in places that I think are logical, then I change my mind and move them somewhere else. When I go to look for them, I go back to the original place and can never find them because they are of course no longer there. Grrr I get sooo cross with myself! Due to the aforementioned facts, I have decided that my blog might actually be a good place to store things because a) I’m here most days and b) it’s a great place to share things I think you might like too.

Going back to being easily confused, if you were to put me on the spot and quiz me about hues, shades, tints & tones, although I know all abut them, I guarantee I’d get my knickers in a twist and mix them all up! So today I am storing and sharing my helpful hints about helpful things to know about colour right here.

Home Restyler’s Simple Colour Tips Tint

  1. Often called a pastel, a tint is a created by adding white to any pure colour

  2. It increases lightness to create a more feminine, soft and soothing colour scheme

  3. Tints are ideal in bedrooms & bathrooms


  1. A shade is simply any colour which has had black added to it

  2. It reduces lightness to create a moodier, richer and mysterious palette

  3. Shades are effective in dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms


  1. A tone is a pure colour that has had both black + white = grey added to it

  2. It dulls the original colour making it more modern, complex and sophisticated

  3. Tones are great in all interior spaces as they will work with all colour schemes

Lesson over, but one to bookmark for me, when I get my knickers in a twist and for you, if you don’t know your tint from your tone. I hope this has helped *smile*


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