• Katey Korzenietz

May I hold your hand?

You know that feeling when someone reaches out for you and slips their hand into yours?

Yes that feeling. Amazing, isn’t it?!

Styling, designing and decorating over the past nine years, I’ve come to find I really like holding people’s hands. It is THE reason why I feel inspired, motivated, engaged, passionate and above all grateful every day of the week.

The sheer variety my work brings to my daily life is too cool for school; variety of clients, properties, briefs, projects, locations, demands, deadlines, coffees (cheeky I know but if you are lovely enough to offer me a coffee I hope you don’t notice when I subtly try to suss out how you’ll make it, just in case there’s a chance it may be instant (bleurgh) so then I can kindly request a tea instead *wink*).

Occasionally I question whether I’m really bringing anything to the world. Is this stuff I do helping anyone, I mean reaaaally helping anyone, am I contributing to the greater good, is it adding value to this world we live in any way shape or form.

I go into self-analysis mode and then try and channel conversations I’ve had with friends and family about this very subject and remember what they said….

…hell yeah, I am helping people, I am contributing my little bit to the world and I am adding value.

So forget questioning the validity of my work, I embrace it and feel lucky that clients turn to me to ‘hold their hands’, to guide them, to give them the confidence that they lack.

And exhale. Feels good.

My interior styling mantra has always been and will always be that it must be


In order for me to know I’ve not just answered the brief, but gone above and beyond it, I strive to give an edge to my clients’ interiors that is individual, stylish and personal, it has to work on a practical level, not break the bank and it should endure the test of time.

So if you feel like you just haven’t quite got the proverbial balls for it, like you know you want to feel that fear and do it anyway but can’t…quite…take…the…plunge, like you sort of know the end look you’re trying to get to but have lost your way trying to find it, maybe you just need to extend your arm out.

Whether you have a blank canvas and want me to create a compete design or you need me to add the extra flourishes to a scheme you have already started, my job is to ‘hold your hand’ and make s**t happen.

Be distinctive. Be bold. Together we will rock your vibe.

Just one pre-requisite; (aside from good coffee *smile*) go with your gut.


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