• Katey Korzenietz

Put your heart into your decor

I’m not a bah humbug or not romantic but Valentine’s Day just doesn’t tick my box. Over the years I’ve had all sorts of Valentine’s experiences – the two most memorable being;

  1. unrequited love: the many years I desperately wanted the boy I was in love with at school to send me a card – he never did – hence much time feeling unloved,’depressed’ and jealous of the girls who did get cards, flowers & cheeky snogs

  2. fear of growing old: the time a boyfriend took me out for Valentines dinner, complete with menu that included a rose and champagne ‘for the lady’, 3 courses, naff music etc…only to be sat in a restaurant with older married couples who not only hardly spoke to one another but who looked totally peeved at the fact that they had to even be there coupled with having to pay an inflated price for it. That night I made a note to self – never eat out on Valentines again.

We don’t need to be told when to be romantic with our partners. We don’t need to buy over-inflated prices for naff red roses, bog standard chocolates and ‘cheap’ pink fizz. We don’t need card with words written by someone else to tell someone how much we love them. We can do it ANY DAY OF THE YEAR!

Bit what I DO love is all the hearts (yes I am a bit of a heart fanatic when it comes to interior accessories) so today here are some beautiful ways with hearts…

All this talk of hearts has made me smile…see I’m not a anti-romance girl at all, I just like to embrace it ALL year round!

Happy Valentines!


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