• Katey Korzenietz

Psst you heard it here first…

Ok, I confess, I just went for a lovely long walk along the beach. Well it is absolutely gloriously sunshiney today. I also confess that I just had to eat a Twister, my all time favourite ice-lolly but honestly, it was all in the name of ‘research’. You see I have been given a sneak preview of some gorgeous new paint colours, which Earthborn paints have launched and two of the colours are so bright and zingy I had to celebrate them by seeing if I could somehow ‘taste’ them. Yup you guessed it, the Twister hit the spot!

Introducing Camelia and Puerto Valarta

These two paints are an extension of a brand new colour collection launched for Spring Summer 2012. Earthborn are out to prove a point that sustainability does not have to translate as ‘dull’ and with a vivid pink and zingy lime they certainly aren’t wrong. Available from Eartborn’s selected tinting centres or through existing stockists, the paints retail from £33 for 2.5l. Being free of VOCs, oils and acrylics, means all Earthborn Eggshell and Claypaints have no harmful emissions or smells.

Also launched are two more natural, earthy coloured paints: Birdwatchers Green and Lavendel

For more information about Earthborn paints and where to buy click here

…and whilst I’m on the subject of Twister, I just had to share with my latest purchase.

I blogged about wanting these glass candlesticks holders from Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson a while ago and then per chance I received an email telling me they were in the sale…well it would rude not to have bought them wouldn’t it 😉


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