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Inspiring ways to display your art & photographs

Sitting here ordering tiles for a client and eating a somewhat tasteless yogurt (well it is fat free, what’s the point, next time it’s full fat – full flavour baby!) got me in the summer mood. Why you might wonder, because the yogurt is coconut flavoured, you know that smell that whisks you off to the land of hot sun, white sandy beaches, fresh fruit juices, ice-creams and tropically warm seawater…mmm. Feeling all smiley and summery I thought I’d open the suitcase I shoved last years summer clothes in and get a load of washing going…and you know what happened? It started to hail. Yes hail. And don’t let me forget to mention the gale force wind that is currently blowing out there. Heating on – check. Big hoodie on – check. Cup of tea – check. What the?!?

I digress. Someone recently asked me for some suggestions for displaying art around the home. None of this hang three frames on the same level in a row malarkey, no way… so to give ideas and inspiration I created a Pinterest board to accumulate fab ideas that can be shared with one and all. Hopefully it will turn the way we think about hanging art on its head. Loads of people have such unique and quirky ways of showing off photos and artwork so why not get creative too and see which of the ideas you’d love to try out in your own home.

Have you already got your own groovy gallery you’re proud of and would like to share? Is so, we’d love to see it so send me a photo to katey@homerestyler.co.uk and I’ll post them on the blog.

For loads more inspiration check out the Home Restyler ‘Framing Art‘ board. Happy hanging!


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