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All wired up

Gosh, it’s been a little while since my last blog post last week, it seems like so much has happened since then. Apart from the fact that everyone I meet seems to be smiling thanks to the glorious weather we’ve been so lucky to have, I too have spent lots of time smiling, mostly thanks to an incredible wedding I went to at the weekend. Many of you will have heard about / seen Tom Pellereau on television during last years The Apprentice and know that he was the successful winner. He is great friends of with my husband and myself and as part of the wedding present we gave to him and his new wife Sarah, I made them an inspirational mood board for their living room. Coincidentally, the colour theme I based the scheme on, was perfectly matched to the beautiful french country chic wedding colour palette they had chosen, so I think I was on the right lines for a look that would suit them. What do you think of it?

Ok, moving on and back to the title of today’s post ‘All wired up’. Whilst I was researching unique and fabulous coastal inspired products for my latest interiors feature for Devon Life magazine (out July 2012) I came across a range of chairs and stools that I just have to share with you (especially in the colour below – hello sunshine!). Inspired by fishing nets drying out in the sun, Net Chairs look cool, they are comfortable and are suitable for outdoor use as they have an extra corrosion resistant coating. Designed by Sam Johnson, who won Best New Interior Product at 100% Design in 2008 they are available in black, water blue, claret, white and yes you guessed it, my favourite colour yellow! Priced at £360 for the chair they are available from The Garden Store Salcombe.

Wire is a simple, versatile material that is often popular with designers giving them flexibility to create unusual and interesting shapes. Here are some other wirework pieces I’ve seen and loved recently;

The great thing about wirework is it looks light and airy, so even large pieces don’t appear to take up as much space as they actually do. Wirework can work as well in a utilitarian interior scheme as in a more bohemian space. Functional yet fun, symmetrical but not dull, adding wire to your scheme allows you to experiment with bold colour, without worrying about it taking over the room.

Some say wirework is a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. Do you have any wirework in your home?


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