• Katey Korzenietz

3 ways: to put a smile on your face

We all get moments in time when things are a bit rubbish, we over think stuff and worry way too much. Well, I learned something this week. I learned that when I am feeling a bit flat, something always comes along to make me smile and the whole world seems a much brighter place.

…and things always happen in 3’s. Just when I felt I needed a boost 3 great things happened; a current client gave me some wonderful feedback, the phone rang and a new client asked me to design a kitchen and bathroom for a house she is building in Cornwall and I came up with a new idea for Home Restyler’s portfolio of services. All of a sudden I was beaming and buzzing with energy. So to share the love and to bring a smile to your face, I share with you today 3 other wonderful things.

1. add some romance to your life

For those of you who love the shabby chic, romantic look, I was delighted when I came across these tiles last week.

Available from Topp Tiles, Rosie Simmons’ new Lace Cream tiles, with a dainty and delicate damask antiqued lace pattern on a pearlescent glaze, are a beautiful way to add subtle shimmer and femininity to your bathroom.

2. buy artwork without going broke

As many of us know, buying art for our walls does not often come cheap. So what a brilliant idea, had by New Blood Art founder and art tutor Sarah Ryan, to set up a website providing emerging artists with an income and the general public access to truly affordable art. Sarah spots new talent in the form of painters, photographers and sculptors, who then sell their art via New Blood Art. Win win all round!

3. add a splash of colour to your tableware

I love RICE, you know, rice as in the Danish homewares company that is known for its colourful melamine, its funky storage items and glazed Italian tableware. Well, this summer they have added to their offerings with some fab new brights. Although considering buying it does make me want to emigrate to warmer climates…I mean when are we EVER going to get to eat al fresco at this rate, it’s hailing as I write this blog post for goodness sake!

are you smiling yet?!


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