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Glamourously hot summer nights

Gosh, normally I’m dashing about like a looney working on various projects, but I’m under the weather at the moment, so having had to postpone client meetings, I have time to blog-tastic instead!

As ever, I’m always on the look-out for new and exciting things for the home that are also affordable (yay!). Today is no exception. Zara’s new collections are always worth waiting for and their latest bedroom offerings do not disappoint.

Glamourous. Indulgent. Luxurious.

Source: zarahome.com via Home on Pinterest

Shiny metallics. Sumptuous mohair wools. Rich cottons & lace.

Source: zarahome.com via Home on Pinterest

Animalistic. Earthy. Textured.

Source: zarahome.com via Home on Pinterest

You’d be forgiven for thinking that these bedding collections are expensive but true to Home Restyler’s ethos, they are very fairly priced. So rather than forking out on a set of bedding that you feel you would have to sleep in for 100 years to justify the outlay, why not go for Zara’s mid-range collections instead.

Starting from £19.99 for a cushion case and £79.99 for a cotton and lace bedspread you’d be a fool not too. It’s not like the British balmy summer nights are going to keep us warm is it?!


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