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Lively up your walls

You know how I love wallpapers…oh how I dream of injecting colour, pattern and personality to my walls with all sorts of exciting patterns…but living in rented property puts a great big fat stop to that. However it can’t stop me admiring, drooling and lusting after all the latest new collections, oh and sharing some of my favourites with you too *smile*. New collections abound at the start of every year and today I bring to the wall some of the ones that I love most for Spring 2013.

…for a calming day room / library / reading corner…curl up on a comfy chair and make up stories about what those little birds are twittering about…

…for an injection of funk and soul into a retro living room or dining room, inspired by morning dewdrops…

…for something entirely unexpected & 100% sure to add impact and look amazing wherever its hung, I’m thinking mixed up urban chic, bare stripped wooden floors, exposed concrete sections of wall…

…for an artistic line drawn paper to add a sense of ‘escape to the country’ to your living room, soothing yet invigorating in one hit …

I just love them all. I could post more but I am limiting myself to four pin-ups to lust after! Which is your favourite? Be sure to check out Earth Inke, not only are the hand drawn wallpapers from Shropshire gorgeous and sustainably printed but the designer creator, Katherine seems lovely too!

Happy pancake day, make mine a cinnamon buttermilk one please *smacking of lips*


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