• Katey Korzenietz

3 ways: dare to experiment

According to last night’s BBC Bang Goes the Theory, even if we like to think we are non-conformist, our brains will tend to follow the majority, thus making us behave in a manner that is more conformist than we might actually like to be. So, when new trends appear, for example this summer’s craze for women’s bright coloured skinny cropped trousers, do you follow the pack and go out and buy yourself a pair or do you step back and consider whether they will actually suit you and make your decision based on your own tastes and style?

How is this linked to an interiors blog, you may wonder? Well, this was really just my initial thought about how we decide whether the rules we apply to our own interior styling are based on group thinking or our individual likes and tastes. Love it or loathe it, at the end of the day it’s your house, you decide.

Today I’d like to give you three ideas that you could try out in your home. If you like to dare to experiment, if you like to try out new things then this is for you. Whether you embrace change or are somewhat scared of it, these three ideas are simple to do and if you don’t like the effect once you’ve done them, they are easy to change, so what’s to be worried…why not give one or all of them a go?!

1. Make an entrance

If you would love to experiment with colour, but are a little nervous about doing so in a main room within your house, the hallway is the perfect place to be brave. Hallways aren’t areas designed for sitting in and spending time in but a part of the house that simply gets passed through, which means you can be experimental with colour here. Why not paint walls in contrasting shades for real imapct. You could paint one wall a bold, fresh red and another a cool, clean blue for maximum effect that you are sure to enjoy coming home to.

2. mix and match

Who says that your curtains and blinds have to be made with the same fabric? I love the idea of mixing and matching different patterns on each window. As long as the colours of the fabrics are of the same hue, you can go for it by selecting stripes, florals, geometrics…By doing this you will add interest and colour at each window and you could never be accused of following a trend! Why not add more interest by using fabrics from the same palette to make up table runners, cushions, tea cosies, egg cup hats, tea towels and even frame some of it for quick and easy wall art.

3. paint the floor

Rather than take on a huge area, if this is your first attempt, why not try this out in the bathroom, where the floor space is much smaller. If you have wooden floorboards that are in a good condition, this is a perfect excuse to rip out old lino and create a fresh new look. Sand down your floorboards and apply a white base coat as your base layer. Then why not be creative and rather than paint the whole area one colour, add a central masterpiece using a block design. Mark out your shape using frog tape, choose one or more oil-based floor paint colours and get painting. Painting in box shapes using tape, should be pretty straighforward so this is suitable even for the faint-hearted decorator. If you’re feeling more adventurous why not try out some other shapes like stripes, chevrons or spots. I love this multi-coloured floor, how could you not feel cheery walking into a bathroom painted like this on a cold and dreary morning?!

Have fun. Try things out. What’s stopping you… *smile* www.homerestyler.co.uk

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