• Katey Korzenietz

Your personal interiors shopper

I had such a fab time choosing tiles for a client at Mandarin Stone this morning that it got me thinking (whilst lugging my very own incredibly heavy tile sample box for me to keep – thank you Paul!) about personal interiors shopping. I have just under two weeks before my next couple of client projects kick off and I was contemplating how I could constructively use my time in between blogging, researching, reading, planning, bla bla bla… which would be both productive and useful. Then the idea of personal interiors shopping popped into my head.

Forgive me for blogging about it before I’ve come up with all the minor details and properly considered in great detail but don’t you think it could be a good idea? I know and have met soooo many people who just cannot make decisions when they are out and about looking to buy items for the home, whether it be flooring, fabrics, decorative accessories and so the list goes on. Clients have previously jokingly suggested that I go shopping with them and take the stress out of the decision making and take the bull by the horns and tell them what to buy. No faffing, no if and buts but simply let me take the reigns and make the decisions.

This would be a fun way to take the pressure off and fully enjoy re-styling the home for those who find it practically impossible to take the plunge and make decisions. It would also be an even more cost effective way for clients to employ my services – note that my ethos is all about affordable and achievable interior styling for everyone – and I would absolutely LOVE taking people out and about, helping them find the perfect things for their homes. Any excuse to go shopping hey!

So tell me, what are your thoughts? Do you think it’s a go-er? Would you be interested if this kind of service was on offer? I’d love to hear what you think about it.

Thank you x


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