• Katey Korzenietz

Wood glorious wood – using wood in your interiors

I have this obsession with wood.

I love the smell of freshly chopped logs, fir trees, smouldering embers in a fire, freshly polished wood surfaces.

I love the look of stripped wooden floorboards, chunky aged old oak tables, geometric shaped plywood objects.

I love the colours of wood, the paleness of light grained oak, the dark rich warm colour of walnut and the golden hues of oak.

Quality crafted wooden furniture is the best. It’s strong, versatile and timeless. It can be stripped back to its bones, varnished, painted, carved or upholstered. You can invest in expensive pieces to last you a lifetime or pick up unloved pieces from second hand shops and up-cycle them to give them a new lease of life. I have bought all sorts of ‘junk pieces’ over the past few years and had great fun experimenting with paint colours and fabrics to create new designs. I have also bought a few new pieces that will only improve over the years as they mellow and experience life in our household.

For the next house, whenever we actually find it (where are currently renting patiently!) I’d love some new chunky statement wooden furniture and I thought I’d share with you today a few pieces I came across recently.

This immensely chunky sustainable solid oak table can be made in custom sizes, in different ‘beam’ widths, is completely unbreakable and is handmade in Devon. It may not be cheap but it will last more than a lifetime and has ‘statement piece’ written all over it.

Another type of wood I would like to be able to utilise in my next house is reclaimed wood. Whether it gets used for the floor, to clad walls with or even encase a kitchen island unit, I don’t know yet but there is a fab company also based in Devon that brings reclaimed wood back to life. Not only can they supply reclaimed floorboards and beams but they can also create bespoke furniture in pretty much whatever shape you would like. Aside from being green and doing my bit for the planet, there’s something so lovely about wood that has aged and developed its own character, don’t you think?!

Do you have much wood in your home? How have you used reclaimed wood? Right now I could do with a fire to burn some it’s just sooo cold! Brrr.


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