• Katey Korzenietz

Wonderful wonderwall

When it seems like there couldn’t possibly be anything new to add to an already incredibly diverse and cram packed full selection of wallpapers, some incredibly talented designer dreams up something to turn heads. Whilst on the hunt for a deliciously interesting wallpaper for a client, I came across the following wallpapers, which I just have to share with you. I am sure you will agree they really are something else…

So real, you want to reach out and stroke them. Now your walls can be wrapped up in elegant hues of grey cable knit. Nuttall also sells linen and and herringbone look wallpaper.

If you dream of having a library full of books but can’t stretch to the real thing, then check out Mineheart’s Vintage Bookshelf wallpaper. The wallpaper features shelves of old books to create a vintage library look and would suit feature walls or a whole room. Incredible.

How about a woodland walk in Springtime? No, still winter? Too cold outside? Then bring the spring indoors and cover your wall with this stunning, bright and light Hide & Seek WallPiece by the brilliant Scandinavian Surface design team.

I hope you like the designs I have shared with you. Why not check out their websites, there are so many designs available, goodness knows how you’ll ever choose!


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