• Katey Korzenietz

What do you see when you look at things?

Have you ever looked at something and then really taken a closer look at it, only to find something else appear in the thing you are looking at? Confused? Ok, have you ever lain down in the park on a sunny day, watching small clouds float by and though ‘that one looked like a dinosaur’ or ‘cool, that cloud looks like a Mr Whippy!? See where I’m coming from?

I’ve been looking around the interweb today for all sorts of inspiring ideas and images and I came across this blog, which really tickled my fancy. Stop:watch is a blog created by a Dutch illustrator called Tineke Meirink. She must be on the extreme end of the ‘looking at things a little closer’ scale because if you check out her website, you’ll see how she finds the funniest and cutest things within the most inanimate or objects, random spillages and even bits of tissue.

Take five, click here and be amazed. After this you’ll never look at anything in the same way again..! There are even more to look at here.

Maybe this is could be an innovative way of dealing with minor scuffs, spills and cracks in your home…don’t make and mend them, create art out of them! (just an idea, don’t take my word for it, if you’re dealing with major DIY concerns!)


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