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What are your priorities when it comes to interiors?

Statistics. Something I hated at university but something quite fascinating when it’s about something you’re really quite interested in.

I’ve been chatting with a relatively new company to the UK this week, about their business and how they are different to their competitors and in conversation a piece of research they had commissioned was mentioned. Hmm, I thought, I hope this isn’t a hard sell. Fortunately, it wasn’t, in fact it was quite intriguing. Now, I would never advocate taking all stats at face value, always sprinkle with a pinch of salt, but whilst reading these, I thought “ah ha, I’ve always thought this to be true and now there’s hard evidence to ‘prove’ it”. Anyway instead of me blathering on, why not have a read for yourself and see where you fit in to the picture?

what are your interior priorities?

what motivates you when it comes to decorating & DIY?

Interior Motives

Infographic by Wayfair

So what do you think?

* Do you buy furniture online?

* Do you prefer new or old (is a bit of up cycling your cup of tea?)?

* Who makes the decorating decisions in your house?

* Do you devise your own interior schemes and do DIY? Or do you leave it to your partner or maybe a professional?

* Which rooms are most important for you to design and decorate first?

There’s always sooo much to think about when making interior design decisions isn’t there!

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So I’m off to sort out a few things ready for a little break I’m about to have…by the next time you hear from me I will have eaten a LOT of my most favourite food in the world: icecream *smile*


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