• Katey Korzenietz

Tips for staging your home for sale

Today is a great day, full of sunshine and good news. I have a big smile on my face and have probably drunk too much coffee so am pretty hyper with it! Anyway, enough about that and onto business! My column in this weeks Express and Echo out today provides readers with handy tips to increase your chances of selling your home, once a potential buyer steps inside it. So, if you’ve got your house on the market and would like some ideas and helpful tips here are some that should get your home sale-ready.

In a market such as this, where the buyer tends to have the upper hand, it is vital to make your home stand out above the rest. You need to create a home that a potential buyer can envisage themselves living in, making them want to place that all important offer. However, once a home has been created, it can be hard to view it from another person’s perspective. What you think is the only layout for the furniture in your home, may in fact be holding back it’s potential.

So to see your home through a fresh pair of eyes, consider these few steps, which will help you give your home a fresh look and more importantly stage it ready for viewings.

· De-clutter – have a major de-cluttering session; think about each item in your home and decide whether to keep or get rid of it or if it just needs to be tidied away. Clear surfaces, put small items away in baskets or boxes and keep it that way.

· De-personalise – remove from view anything that is personal to you and your family. Having photographs on display can be distracting for potential buyers as they want to imagine themselves living in your home with their pictures on the wall.

· DIY – get on and fix all those niggling jobs that you keep putting off; fill holes, fix cracks, replace dead light bulbs and replace things that look worn. Small changes can have a big impact, especially when buyers are looking for any excuse to knock down the price.

· Design – scrutinise how your furniture is arranged and move it around until the layout makes the most of the space in order to maximise it. Replace bold colour schemes with neutrals and make sure windows are dressed with curtains or blinds.

· Dress – a beautiful, desirable home is one that is clean, well presented and welcoming. Fill vases with flowers and make sure it smells clean and fresh. Also be sure that exterior of your house has curb appeal by mowing the lawn, tidying planted areas and making sure the pathway is clear. At the end of the day you want the outside gives the first impression and should reflect how clean and well looked after the interior is.

When trying to sell your home the key is to emotionally disconnect from it and consider how to maximise its marketability. Simply following these few important steps will prep it ready for sale, creating a perfect home for any potential buyer. Good luck!


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