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The joy of twitter. And some lovely lamps.

Another day, another fab find, and a random one at that. Some may question the purpose and benefits of twitter but without it, well I wouldn’t have met some brilliant, inspiring and talented individuals, nor would I have come across some fantastic products..in fact I may not have had the opportunity to work on some of the brilliant projects I have been involved in since I began tweeting.

Today, Home Restyler had a few new ‘followers’ (I’m not keen on that word personally, but I can’t think any other word that isn’t entirely naff either – friends maybe eek??), one of which was The Wooden Lamp Company.

I was so pleased when I clicked through to their website, because the world of lighting is a big one and though I work with various suppliers and makers already, I love the concept of this product range and what it stands for. I also love the variety of shapes, some curvaceous, some boxy, some plain straight.

The Wooden lamp Company was launched by Claire Pendarves in 2010. As an interior and lighting designer who had owned a lighting and lifestyle shop, she decided to fill a gap in the market and make “individual, flexible table lamps that literally do not ‘Cost the Earth'”.

The lamp bases are;

  1. currently available in ten simple shapes

  2. made from sustainable woods – rubber wood & mango wood (harvested after the tree’s productive life)

  3. painted in a wide range of VOC free paint colours & can be painted with bespoke colours

  4. matched with co-ordinating lampshades

  5. available ‘naked’ so you can paint them yourself (see 3 of the 10 naked shapes below)

What I also think is brilliant for those of you who like crafting and do-it-yourself, the Wooden Lamp Company also sells lampshade kits so you can make your own shades to fit any of the bases or to use as pendant shades. The kits come in various sizes and come with easy to follow instructions, plus there is a fun YouTube demo video so you can actually see one being made (by a group of teenage girls, who make it look very easy!).

These kits range from £14.50 to £22.50 so if you have some fabric you want to use to make a statement in a room at home, why not find an old lamp base (check you local chart shops and car boot sales), paint it up and make your own co-ordinating shade. Simple to do and will be like no other around *smile*.

The Wooden Lampshade Company is a local company based near Truro, Cornwall and also sells via notonthehightstreet.com.


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