• Katey Korzenietz

Take metallics to another level – luxe it copper style

Rainy walk picking blackberries…made into crumble, served with thick custard – tick Putting the heating an hour in the morning & evening – tick Dreaming of hot chocolate, knee-length boots & scarves – tick

OMG, a week ago I would never have thought I’d be saying “Summer thank you, you’ve been truly amazing but could you please now give way for Autumn?” I’ve got to that point, 2 days before my birthday (ahem) that I inevitably get to every year when I want to pack away my summer clothes, dig out the warm and cosy stuff and light candles every evening.

I love seasons. The change. The newness. And so to mark the start of my official Autumn I’ve created an Autumnal Pinterest board as a source of inspiration for all things ‘Fall’. Stepping back from it, it appears I’m somewhat in love with white & coppery orange colours and wood & metallic textures.

I was thinking about why I seem to love copper so much. It’s warmer than silver. It’s less bling than gold. It oozes coolness that other metallics don’t seem to pull off in the same way. It suits contemporary and traditional interior design alike and, for me, mix it with navy or charcoal and your style stakes are seriously high.

Seeing as I’m weeks off from moving into a new house (fingers crossed) I’m all abuzz with the new look I’m going to create and I know that copper is going to feature somehow, somewhere. I’ve pulled together a few favourite looks and products for your perusal, what do you think?

So, what do you think?? You like copper too? Think you might inject some of its warm glow into your home? Let me know, always fab to hear your thoughts *smile*


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