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As some of you may now know, my absolute favourite colour is yellow. Not only does it shout gladness, vivacity and boldness, it heralds the joyous arrival of spring and represents the most incredible sunshine for this time of year. Big smiles please!

While spending the morning searching for furniture for a client I happened upon a sofa that made my heart go pop. THIS has to be the sofa of my (current) dreams… yellow, curvaceous, altogether modern yet still erring on the side of retro, button detail and cute little conical legs. How can you not love it?

I just HAD to share it with you. Designed by Richard P. Baker for rume, the petal sofa is highly personalise-able (sorry, another of my made-up words) whereby you can specify dimension, fabric, cushion type and layout, even leg timber and stain. So even if you don’t like yellow but love petal’s shape you could choose any colour you like. From £1,975 + fabric for a 1.5 seater it’s an investment piece to be cherished and is offically added to my wish list for my new home…when I eventually sell the current one.

Continuing with the theme, when I visited the Ideal Home Show at Earl’s Court last week I came across The Velvet Chair Company. I simply couldn’t walk past their stand without stroking their beautiful bright pink tub chair and after longingly admiring the complete range of chairs, found out from the very friendly lady on the stand that they are made in Nottinghamshire, England and sold only at Oliver Bonas. Available in nine gorgeous colours from neutrals to bold brights the range of velvet chairs, stools and ottomans are made from solid beech frames and covered in velevet made in Holland. Each chair is guaranteed for 20 years, which I think is fantastic and reflects the quality of the workmanship. The only thing is, how on earth would you choose your favourite colour? Well, obviously mine would be yellow, but I love ALL of them!

Available from Oliver Bonas, from £365.


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