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Spreading the interior styling word

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

I've been working hard in the background to try and spread the 'interior styling' word. Everyone has heard of interior designers but not necessarily interior stylists. So my mission, which I have chosen to accept, is to raise awareness of this type of service and tell the world all about it so those who hadn't heard about it soon will.

So first up is this great bit of editorial coverage I would like to share with you.

Newly launched this month is a gorgeous magazine called Devon Home & Garden. It's a lovely, glossy, high-end complimentary magazine (think of the likes of Exeter Living and Crumbs magazines that you see in Darts Farm, John Lewis, local cafe's, salon waiting rooms etc) that features all things homes, interiors, garden & outdoor living. Following the success of Cornwall Home & Garden magazine there was a demand for a Devon version of the magazine...et voila!

As quoted in the editorial, creating stylish, harmonious and unpretentious interiors with a heavy weighting on affordable luxury, is what it's all about for me. So if your home, your business, your event, your photoshoot needs a little bit of interior styling, please do get in touch.

To read the article please click here and go to page 26


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