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At this precise moment in time I am entirely obsessed with all things rainbow (my daughter’s 4th birthday party is looming & I’ve promised a rainbow magic theme…) and ok, whilst my posts are never normally food related, today’s gosh darn it well is. I HAD to share these incredible creations with you. Aren’t they just amazing.

This is my no.1. I just want to sink my teeth straight into it.

Source: raspberricupcakes.com via Cathy on Pinterest

This, well words kind of fail me. Incredulous.

Source: Uploaded by user via Laurence on Pinterest

Now, we are getting more real. This kind of thing could be achievable.

Source: pinterestschunt553.blogspot.com via Celesta on Pinterest

I like but I can hardly cut a straight line with a pair of scissors, let alone line up straight rows on smarties on a shaped cake! It does tick my OCD tendency box tho *smile*

Source: enchantedmommy.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

I mean, seriously how is a bunch of fairy cakes in rainbow coloured cases ever going to compare?!

Hmmm…I’ll see what I manage to come up with and let you know, after a big glass of wine once the party’s over that is… 18 four year olds…Maybe I will stick to rainbow cupcake cases after all, they are reaaaally cute!


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