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Preparing for launch. Upping my mood board game.

I've been trying all sorts of new ways to market, promote and push my interior styling business during Covid times. All of my projects ground to a halt at the start of lockdown, which actually had a two-fold knock-on positive effect;

  1. I finally got around the teaching myself Sketch Up. I could never find the time or the energy previously, the technology baffled me and my patience wore thin. However time and patience were what I had bounds over the spring and summer months so I put them to good use. Brownie points for me hey ;)

  2. I looked at my business from a new perspective and prepared to take it online. I will be launching my online interior styling service soon (just need to tweak a few things).

This process also made me want to change the way I present my mood boards. Over the years they have morphed from physical 'boards' to vibe trays to 2D elevation e-boards. When I visit clients I work with a mix of these. However this wasn't going to work for e-interior styling, oh no.

Photoshop is just not where I wanted to spend my hard earned money. So I went on the search for a free, simple to use alternative. I thought I'd go check out what other interior designers use and much to my excitement found that the lovely Karen of Making Spaces works in a similar way to me. She uses what she has already:


I had also been using Pages (or Keynote) but Karen shared a little secret which has helped my up my mood board game like you wouldn't believe.

This above is a little play around I had earlier . I am so chuffed with how I can use Karen's little secret to deliver an even more lifelike representation of room designs to my e-interior styling clients.

It's the small things.

For more info about my various styling services, online launching soon, please go to;


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Happy styling vibes Kx

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