• Katey Korzenietz

Most beautiful B&B I’ve stayed in

Now that I’ve put an offer in on a house that needs SERIOUS work doing it to it, I am like a woman possessed. I already spend most of my days thinking about all things ‘home’ but now I am literally eating, breathing, talking, sleeping….absolutely everything ‘home’. What am I gonna do if I don’t get this house? Well, apart from cry a lot, sink a few glasses of wine and feel a certain sensation of rubbishness, I will continue the search for the next best one. Today I thought I’d share with you a couple of inspiring images and a fab idea I’ve seen and that I’ve been bookmarking for the next abode. I also want to tell you and rave about the most beautiful B&B I’ve ever stayed in. And yes, yellow, grey & white seem to heavily feature. You know me *smile*

Absolute awesomeness. I mean how simple and how cool. Just by painting the recess of this window, it has brought light into the room, made the window look a hell of a lot bigger and given an unconventional twist to the room. I love this idea.

The Bloomsbury cafe in Bath has had a makeover (well since the last time I was there anyway) and the vivid sunshine yellow walls made me smile so much. Yellow + grey + white with pendant lights, wooden flooring and inspirational quotes = brilliant!

How poignant hey, for the room I stayed in last weekend to be decorated in my favourite colour combo. I was in pure heaven. The attention to detail in terms of the design of the room was second to none. Even the ceiling was painted in yellow (around the ceiling rose) and grey (the rest of the surface area). The super king was incredible, my first time in such a giant bed. Each room at this 6 bedroom B&B is decorated differently and, fingers crossed the owners are hoping to exchange on another 12 bedroom B&B just up the road from Brindleys. I can’t wait to see how Sarah, the owner, puts her interior decorating skills into practice again!

If you’re thinking of a weekend away in Bath, this is where I would recommend you stay. Oh and the cocktails at Circo are scrumdiddlyumptious *wink*


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