• Katey Korzenietz

Making an entrance

Some of us like to make more of an entrance than others. If you like the idea of adding some impact and making a statement with entrances within your home, here are some great ideas to use as inspiration.

Doorways are the entrance into a whole new area of the house. What I love about this bright and funky living room, is how the turquoise painted door frame is the same colour as the walls in the adjoining room. Painting the door frame like this naturally draws the eye to it, making the you curious to find out what will be found around the corner, don’t you think?

Quick, simple and so effective. If you do nothing else in a hallway, this will add enough impact all by itself. And if you get bored of it, you can easily change it to suit your mood, the season or the latest trend.

If you’re into all things pretty and floral in a granny chic kind of way, this photo found on Girly Me gives some detailed inspiration for a way to add some floral flair to your hallway. Get your stencils at the ready!

Create a compact and cosy library space within a large living room that has high ceilings, by building bespoke boxed in shelving around a door frame. Like a tardis, it not only holds a wealth of information but the entrance into another world (er room!).

No longer just for old-fashioned shop doorways or static homes, the practice of hanging beads in doorways has taken on new meaning. No longer are they naff and outdated but are now a way of saying, “hey look how creative I can be” and don’t have to cost much at all. The shape, size and colour choices are endless. You can make these yourself with some beads (eBay has loads to choose from) and string / rope et voila. Not great for keeping out draughts, but ideal for making a bold statement.

Who’d have thought you could have so much fun with doorways *smile*. Have fun experimenting!


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