• Katey Korzenietz

Make your TV look fab in your living room

The television, the television. A bug bear for those designing their living room, especially for those who want to keep the eye drawn to the more exciting installations within a room and not the black box.

Do you you want it to stand out? Not really, I love to watch a good film on it but it’s not exactly a beautiful object in its own right to look at.

Do you want to hide it? Yes and no, I need to easily be able to watch it.

Do you want to merge it into the design of the wall its on so it doesn’t stand out? Yes, but it is still an eye sore…

There are some very clever ways to ‘hide’ your television amongst artwork and shelves in your living room, some examples of which you’ll see below. But how about going one step further and having a transparent television, which would have an incredibly minimal impact on the overall look of the room? This would overcome all your design quandaries…you just have to choose how to style the wall behind it! Still in concept phase but this Loewe Invisio TV could be onto something…

Some clever ways of blending your TV into the design of your living room;

Paint out dark walls & you’ll hardly notice the television

Install a striking digitally controlled framed mirror aka LCD cabinet

Play spot the TV with an installation like in this Brooklyn loft apartment. (Fab green sideboard, non!)

Where there’s a will there’s way, see how you can blend your TV into your living room. Personally right now I could live without the TV as I never get time to watch it and in this glorious weather I’d much rather spend the evening chilling outside BUT I will admit, I am somewhat devoted to keeping abreast of what’s occurring on Eastenders. I know, I know! *cheeky smile*


Loewe Invisio images courtesy of Yanko Design

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