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Made By Yourself? Yup, here’s how to….

Ah I just LOVE getting my hands on a crisp, never before opened new book. The smell of the print, the anticipation of what discoveries will be made on the turn of each page, the creative juices that will start flowing from the inspiration from new ideas…

And I especially love new books like this one ‘Made By Yourself‘ by Peter Fehrentz. It was only available in shops in Germany last week and thanks to my fab mum being on holiday out there and tracking it down for me, I am already the proud owner of it yay!

COLOUR LOVE – the cover is in my favourite colour yellow, along with grey and white = my enduring favourite colour combo.

IDEA LOVE – the book is packed full of 48 individual, step-by-step, make-it-yourself design objects and furniture.

MATERIAL LOVE – there are projects using such a variety of materials; glass, ceramics, wood, leather, paper, cardboard, fabric, metal, stone and plastic.

CREATIVE LOVE – each idea is unique, creative and impactful. From simple leather flowers, which you can stick to almost anything to industrial concrete shelves, the ideas are really out there and individual.

SUITABILITY LOVE – you may think this is all looking a bit tricky or design oriented but each project is graded by level of ease, tells you how long it should take and gives you a specific list of all the items you will need. You honestly will be able to make a few of these without too much effort and importantly expense – hooray!

STYLING LOVE – this is Peter’s first book and what a delight (even just as a coffee table book) it is. Based in Hamburg he is a stylist, product & set designer as well as photographer and he has given this book a gorgeous style that makes me want to just keep flipping through it.

The only downside for those of you who don’t speak German is that the book is currently only available in Peter’s mother tongue and there are no plans to translate it as yet. However if this post has inspired you to want to get your hands on it, check it out on Amazon and if you do buy it, let me know, I can always translate any projects you want to do yourself for you *smile*.


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