• Katey Korzenietz

I’m on a mission

yes, a mission, well quite a few missions actually but currently only one work related mission. Would you like to know what that mission is? It’s a mission to help people create fabulous homes without spending a fortune.

Affordable stylish homes.

Is that it? Yup it is.

You see, I often meet new people and when I do, the subject of work often comes into conversation. They ask what I do. I answer that I am an interior stylist who works with clients to help them design their home interiors. They they tend to respond by saying “oh, do you have much work at the moment? Interior Design is so expensive.” STOP.

This is where the Home Restyler ethos is different to a lot of interior design businesses. I set my business up purely to help people make their homes into homes they feel comfortable in, homes that they have always wanted to create but didn’t know how, homes that are stylish / practical / fun / welcoming / you name it, I’ll help you achieve it. And I won’t charge you a fortune. And I will recommend products that won’t cost you a fortune. Simple.

Some of my previous clients have wanted a designer look and specifically briefed me to source designer products only. I saw that as a fantastic challenge and took it upon myself to find them those items at the absolute best prices and also find alternatives that they themselves wouldn’t have considered because they weren’t ‘designer’.

Other clients really didn’t have much money available to spend but were desperate to create a new look in their homes. Again, I saw this as an incredible opportunity to help them and got such a buzz sourcing items and creating styles that they could reasonably achieve and with a limited budget.

You see, I love everything that is to do with creating a home. I am an absolute money worrier. I am a perfectionist and always trying to do a bit better. I am always on the lookout for the fab things / creative ideas / funky wallpaper / bright paint colours… I delight in what I do and I’m not out to make a quick buck.

For me, being ‘Home Restyler’ is about sharing the way I think about interiors with my clients and making them see that changing the look of your home doesn’t have to be about being ‘on trend’, filling your home with only the best and most expensive. It’s about thinking laterally, being creative, using what you already have and turning something crap into something amazing. Be passionate. Be inspired. Be happy.


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