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Expensive taste? Challenge yourself to find something similar cheaper elsewhere!

Absolute mental and creative overload happened last week. Chelsea Harbour took me by the horns and gave me one huge injection of design oomph for a current hotel project I’m in the early stages of. I’m crazy busy pulling the overall look and style together so my blog is taking a little back step but I’ll still be sharing loads of fab stuff so keep on coming for a cheeky peek.

Today’s “just gotta share this with you” is this most wonderfully beautiful and elegant Rose Gold Davlin glass tile. I chose it for the hotel bathrooms but when the very friendly Kaitlin at Ann Sacks showroom kindly informed me it retails at over £1,600 per sqm – yup per square metre – I politely smiled, gulped and thanked her for her help. Ok, so the tile is hand painted in gold leaf, uh huh real gold folks, but seriously I’m not designing a princ’e’s palace here.

Do you have expensive taste? Yes? Do you have the mega big budget? No? Well, take on the challenge: find what you love then find something similar for a fraction of the price, you’ll feel so chuffed with yourself.

My alternative to the stunning tile above is Original Styles’ Cleopatra, which incorporates the thinnnest layer of real gold foil beneath the glass, but only costs £224.72 per sqm. Sill quite pricey but a fantastic price for the look you’ll achieve and you would save yourself over £1,375 woo hoo!

So what money saving design challenge are you going to take on?! Go for it and why not tell Home Restyler all about it here.


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