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Big ideas for small bathrooms

Well hello there!

It seems that an awful lot has happened over the last week and it’s all good – I’ve been pontificating various thoughts and ideas and am brimming with excitement and enthusiasm *smile*.

I have been lucky to meet lots of new people and have been discussing all sorts of new ideas and working on various new projects so I look forward to sharing more about those over the coming weeks…

In the meantime…I was discussing bathroom concepts with a client the other day and we were talking about, how for such a small room within a house, there is a large amount to think about and decide upon. So, today I thought I’d share with you a few little pointers that can make a big difference to one of the most functional and important rooms in your house, helping you to maximise every conceivable space within it.


It sounds obvious, but when designing your bathroom, try to hide as much away as possible. By this I mean conceal boring things like pipework behind boxing or stud walls and use wall-hung units. By doing this, you will create a more streamlined look, giving the impression of greater space, thanks to more visible floor space and clean lines. The Kohler Stillness range with contrasting forms, textures and materials offers a selection of wall-mounted units to help create more visual space in the bathroom.

MIRROR, MIRROR Simple tricks can create huge impact on the appearance of size and scale within a room. Using mirrored cabinets as storage units and placing large mirror on walls above baths reflects light and bounces it around the room making it seem so much larger, lighter and airier. Get a large piece cut to size at your local glazier to create a big wow like this bathroom below (image from Dulux).

TILE STYLE When it comes to tiles, less is more. What I mean by that is, the larger the surface area of the tile, the less tiles you will require and the less grout lines in between them – the result of which is a bigger appearing surface. Using the same tiles on the walls and floor will give a seamless flow to the room and if you use pale tile colours, especially white or limestone, this will make the space feel even bigger.


Lighting is a vital part of the bathroom and it is important you consider it fully when planning your fit-out. When you want to apply make-up you may want to have bright yet natural daylight effect but when you want to bliss out in a bubble bath, you’ll want more subtle, relaxing lighting. Also, to help create a larger appearing room, why not add under-cabinet lighting as this creates a ‘floating’ effect, which will enhance the feeling of space. I’m loving this mirror from Astro at the moment, perfect for a modern, minimalist bathroom, the mirror features 2 x 39W tube lamps that shine light out of the top and bottom of the mirror. It looks like it is floating on the wall and makes the wall space seem so much larger than it actually is.

Apart from that;

  1. if you have tricky spaces like curved walls or sloping ceilings, it’s definitely worth having bespoke units made to fit, otherwise you risk losing vital space (I know a few good carpenters if you need a recommendation!)

  2. always go for space-saving sanitaryware – there are so many clever products on the market that will make the most of tight spaces i.e. corner wash basins and counter top sinks

  3. if the space really is limited and you think you need to choose between a bath and a shower, have a shower above the bath and not as a stand alone products. When is comes to selling your home one day, it is advisable that your bathroom offers both options.

As with any room restyle in your home, it always pays to spend time up front and do your research before you buy!

I hope that my tips are useful and that they offer you some practical advice if you are thinking of re-vamping your bathroom. As ever, if you would like any help designing or styling your bathroom or any other room in your house I’d love to hear from, so please do get in touch.


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