• Katey Korzenietz

Adding a splash of colour: coral / raspberry / orange

The summer holidays may be coming to a close but bright and cheery summery colours are at no risk of disappearing this a/w season. Just check out the delights below to see how you can easily keep a happy vibe in your home by adding a splash of coral this autumn.

Allegra Hicks has serious style and with her non-fussy approach to design her Lulu range for Made is adorable.

My love affair with all things Habitat endures and their new collections are just so funky. I love the textured, multi-coloured Marissa cushion for it’s retro slash modern floral design…

The woven geometric pattern of the orange Meera cushion gives it a kind of ‘stroke me, squeeze me’ 3D quality to it….

…and Mod, hello Mod, this metal modular candle is so cool, you can take it apart to re-model the design and height of it, plus the colours are gorgeous – rose, plaster pink and mushroom grey.

Whilst on the subject of coral / raspberry I have to mention and share with you (just in case you haven’t seen it yet) Scion’s Pivot fabric from the Rhythm Weaves collection. Some of you may know that I have been on the search for the “perfect” coral fabrics for some time now and so when I found these my heart sang, I jumped for joy and I shed a little tear (sad I know, but it’s all about the passion right?!)

Oh and also Clarke & Clarke’s Zirah in Flamingo – what a fabulous colour name!

Go on then, one last one, Villa Nova’s Lea Rouge from the Celeste collection

I know, that’s enough now, but honestly if you knew how happy I was when I found these three fabrics and how long and hard I had searched you’d feel my joy too! *beaming happy designer*


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